Learn How To Make A Piece Of Art Using Twine, Wood, And A Few Nails

Creating works of art doesn’t have to be overly difficult. When many people think about being artists, they assume that they need to have the natural ability to draw or paint. That is not the case at all. You can make amazing pieces of art without any artistic ability at all.

Use the following guide to learn how to make a beautiful piece of art using twine, nails, and wood:

Choose an Outline

Find a very basic outline of an animal, object, or person that you really like. It can be an outline of a dog, a boat, or even a person, as long as it has blunt edges that are easily identifiable. Print your picture on regular printer paper and cut it out as close to the lines as you can.

Attach the Outline

At a hardwood store, they will have small pieces of wood. Get a piece of the wood and spray paint the wood a solid color. You can use a bold color or a basic color such as white or black. Choose a color that will pair well with the color scheme you have in your home. Allow the paint to dry a few hours and then tape the image to the center of the wood.

Outline the Outline

Use ½” nails to outline the edges of the image. You need to be sure that the nails are placed a ½” apart from one another. The best way to measure is to simply lay one of the nails on its side next to one of the nails and then place another nail at the end of the nail that is lying on its side.

This will give you exactly ½” between each nail without actually having to pull out a ruler or measuring tape. Make sure that only half of the nail is hammered into the wood. The other half has to be exposed so you can wrap the twine around it.

Wrap the Twine

Make a simple knot and tie the twine to one of the nails. Wrap it around all of the other nails until you create an image that you can easily see. You can choose to pull the twine all the way across the board and wrap it around the nails if you want to create the entire image or you can simply wrap the twine around the nails that tare next to one another to create an outline of the image.

Once the piece is complete, remove the paper from the inside of the twine image. Attach a picture-hanging bracket to the back of the wood and proudly display your work of art on the wall. Everyone that sees it will think you have an amazing artistic ability, when really you can just follow directions well and be creative.

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