Getting An RC Boat For Hubby? Consider Getting Him These Accessories Too!

So you’ve decided to keep things upbeat and get your husband a new RC boat for an upcoming special occasion, and you want to make sure that he has all the bells and whistles to play with. Here are a few accessories that can up the entertainment value of your husband’s new toy so he gets more enjoyment out of it throughout the year:

A Solar Servo

Servos are used to intercept movement commands from the RC boat’s receiver, which makes the motorized parts on the boat move per the controller’s wishes. Traditional servos are powered by batteries, but to save money on energy needs you can pair the new RC boat with a solar servo so it runs on clean energy under the sun. Servos can be replaced at home by your husband without the need for professional servicing.

A Paint Set

Because RC boats spend a lot of time in the water, their paint jobs tend to rust and chip after regular use which may make your husband’s new boat look older than it really is before it’s time. A boat paint kit will give your husband something fun to do between trips to the water, and provide him with the tools he needs to keep his toy in tip-top shape throughout the years.

A Plastic Pool

A plastic kiddy pool in the backyard will give your hubby a chance to play with his toy when he only has a few spare minutes in the day, or when getting to the lake or pond is just not in the cards. A small pool offers plenty of room for practicing tricks and perfecting the controls of the boat, so he looks like a pro when he takes it out for a spin with other RC boat enthusiasts.

A Sticker Pack

Chances are that your husband will want to set his new RC boat apart from the crowd while it cruises on the water with others. A sticker set for the boat will allow him to create a unique look unlike any other out there. You don’t have to opt for stickers made specifically for RC boats. Choose waterproof stickers that are small enough to fit on the surface of the boat, and that reflect your hubby’s interests. For example, if he’s a big football fan stickers that feature his favorite teams are a good choice.

These accessories will give your husband the tools he needs to turn his new RC boat into a personalized toy that celebrates the styles, colors, and designs that make him happy.

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