Can’t Find Guitar Lessons For Adults? Try These Tips

Many adults have never had the benefit of guitar or music lessons as a child, and may find it not only difficult to learn a skill at a later age, but also find teachers that work with adults as well as children. If you would love to learn to play the guitar but don’t know where to get started, here are some suggestions on how to find the lessons you need.

Local Music Stores

Local music stores are probably your best bet for local tutors. Music stores have their musical fingers in a lot of pies, and often are in contact with local musicians, instructors, musical events, and instrument makers of all kinds. Even if the store doesn’t offer music lessons themselves (which many actually do), they will have the contact information to point you in the right direction.

Look Online

Thanks to the popularity of self-posted instructional video websites, you can teach yourself virtually. There are many free DIY guitar lessons that you can find online, and can not only learn in privacy, but can also learn completely at your own pace. With online videos, you can replay and rewind again and again until you have learned the lesson, and can learn any time, day or night.

Your Own Children

If you have a child that plays an instrument (particularly guitar) they may be able to teach you a lot. Not only do most children (even grade school students) today have actual music classes that they can come home and share with you, they are often patient and excellent teachers. Children have an uncanny ability to break things down to their simplest level, and learning guitar or music from your own child will create a bond and may help you get started with your guitar.


There are many types of instructional books for guitar that can help you learn. You can find books about specific types of guitar, from classical to electric and can find specific information about types of playing, such as flamenco. Browse your local book store to find an easy beginner book.


There is no substitute for practice. Even without a teacher, you can still master some simple chords if you play long enough. Truly, in many cases, the difference between someone who can and can’t play is how much practice they put in!

If you are discouraged about learning to play guitar as an adult, try these tips and don’t give up! Talk to a professional like Pimentel & Sons Guitars for more information.

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